The Buchla One Hundred Series



Welcome to the online resource for the Buchla 100 modular music system. Designed by Donald Buchla in the 60’s for the San Fransisco Tape Music Center to replace their ageing equipment which were described as ”…ingenious application of surplus equipment that saw service in World War II bombers…”. The basic objectives were to build something portable, flexible, cheap, and transistorised. The 100 system was later sold to the, now defunct, music division of CBS. This is however not a history not a history lesson regarding the Donald Buchla legacy — This site is a  catalog of the modules made in the 100-series. If your aim is to know more about the STMC and electronic music in the 60’s and  it’s better to find literature about the subject.

The One Hundreds is a resource and personal endeavour. As such it’s not a commercial project and nothing will be made available to the general public.